How to find the right custom home builder for your new home

One of the most important decisions you’ll make in the process of building a new home is to select the right property and find a custom home builder to assist in the process. Since the market comes loaded with tested and proven ways to increase your ability to research and select a quality custom home builder who will be the perfect companion to your home building process.

Following are the 10 steps that you must follow to find the perfect custom home builder for your new home:

List down your requirements properly in the initial stage

The first thing that should be determined are the dimensions of the home to be constructed and the price range you are comfortable with. All these things should be decided in advance as some builders prefer to construct a large variety of homes; many of them specialize in a particular type of home building with a definite price range and incorporated style.

Rope in the builder with a rich experience 

An experienced custom home builder brings to the table all his expertise and industry contacts and knows his work well and delivers it in time ensuring your satisfaction.

Check on the past records of the custom home builder you are about to choose

Most builders offer customer referrals which can be used to monitor their previous work. Never hire a custom home builder that cannot provide quality references.

Keep a close eye on the builder’s license

Working with a licensed custom home builder is always regarded as a good move and since not every area demands your builder be licensed always ask if they are licensed.

Is the builder capable to execute the design of your home

Generally, some custom home builders whose work is not reflective of the style of home you wish to build may not see your vision.

Look for quality services and warranty

How does the custom home builders warranty measure up to others? For starters, aim for a structure’s stable warranty of at least 10 years on a home. And, see what other offers your builder brings to the table. Is he willing to help you in other areas, like finding the land to build on, or an architect and engineer.

Market presence

Has he built in this community before? Does he know the zoning laws and inspectors in town? This is sometimes the difference between inspections slowing you down and things moving along smoothly.

Look at homes built by the custom home builders to show their work

Weather it  be a well-furnished model home which is thrown open to the public or a home that the custom home builder constructed for its previous client which could be previewed upon by an appointment, always look at their previous work.

Look for quality

Do their brands have well-earned and respectable reputations for quality? What are the past clients saying? Read testimonials and ask for references.

Look for a good personality match

Most people don’t realize that this is someone you should have a good connection with, someone you must trust to have your best interest at hand. If you are a hands on person, this mean you will spend a lot of time with your builder. Over all it should be someone who you are comfortable with helping you make decisions. Most of all someone who can bring value via their knowledge and expertise to you.

Keeping in mind all the above points will help you to find the right builder for your new home.