Energy Smart Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation is very prevalent in today’s building industry for a number of reasons. For starters, Spray Foam Insulation is an essential ingredient in making a home or any building energy efficient. The energy cost savings are huge and we leave a smaller carbon footprint on our planet by using Spray Foam Insulation.

We recently built a 21,00 square foot home for a client and used spray foam insulation in that home. Their previous home was 7,000 square feet, 8 years old and had conventional Batt Insulation. After one year of being in their new home, the homeowner told me that their utility bills were less in the new home which had Spray Foam Insulation than in their previous home that had conventional insulation and was 3 times smaller !!! Wow this is incredible !!

For every new home that we build today we use Spray Foam Insulation. It is the clear choice for certain. The initial cost is more, but the rewards last forever. Read more and educate yourselves about spray foam here. What to know about spray foam.

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