Custom Home Trends In Bergen County NJ

Custom Home trends in Bergen county NJ have remained constant over the past decade. If you drive down most streets in some of the most affluent neighborhoods in Bergen county you will see a consistency in the styles of homes. Although, there are many different style of homes, traditional styles with European flare have dominated in the Bergen County market. As well as a more relaxed style home like the New England shingle style. These home designs remain timeless. Trends in other areas of design seem to be moving towards more modern contemporary and minimalistic style. However, we are seeing this manifest in the interiors of homes throughout Bergen county. It’s not uncommon to see a French or Mediterranean facade and walk into a minimal simplistic monochromatic interior. At the very least, many homes have eclectic interiors. A blend of traditional and contemporary.

If you are considering a Custom Home in Bergen County NJ, here are some tips that will keep you from making a design faux pas.


Roof Line

Keep your roof line interesting with a variation of gabbles, hips and valleys that will add sophistication to the exterior of your home.


Quality windows and grill patterns are an important feature. In fact, more glass and less grill has been a trend in recent years. Staying consistent with the contemporary- modern shift in design trends

Metal Dormers

Copper dormers give the home an elegant touch and custom homes in Bergen county NJ are all about elegance. Not only do louvered dormers ventilate attic areas, they also add a touch of elegance. Window dormers and skylights create warm interiors flooded with natural sunlight. From the outside, it is a feature that sets custom homes apart.

Stucco and Stone 

Custom homes in Bergen county NJ are some of the most sophisticated and ecstatically luxurious properties. Stucco and stone exteriors are a staple in most of them, not only for the eye-catching curb appeal but also for the durability and longevity of the materials. Compared to other exterior facades, stucco and stone transcends the look of the custom home.



An oversized island is a staple in most custom homes in Bergen county NJ. Don’t be afraid to go big. Making the stone on your island different than the rest of your countertops will give your kitchen additional interest. That modern contemporary and minimalistic style plays a big role in the kitchen. Not to mention keeping things functional and minimal will ensure your kitchen feels timeless. Functional must haves in many homes include: Pot fillers, Insta-hot or Insta-chilled water, two dishwashers, warming drawer and cappuccino machines. The appliance amenities are endless.


Custom homes in Bergen county NJ are known for the luxurious look of natural stones, marble flooring entryways, onyx in powder rooms and travertine pavers. But, choosing tile can be extremely overwhelming. The choices today for natural and man-made flooring products are endless. For instance, wood look porcelain tile is very popular. They are very realistic and extremely practical for basement application or anywhere in the house. Think of your overall objective and the feeling you want people to feel when entering a room. Make sure that your selections are not competing with any other design factors in the home. In fact, they all must work together and transition from room to room.